It’s the Little Things…It’s Always Worth An Ask

One of my mottoes has been “it’s always worth an ask”. What’s the worst that can happen? In most cases, you’re told no and you’re exactly where you were when you started. Sometimes, depending on the question, people might think about you a little differently, but that’s only if you ask a weird question.

You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at how much other people don’t care if you ask them a question or 2. Also, store employees are there to answer questions. Friends want to help you. Strangers probably enjoy helping you out. Your boss wants you to be productive. Unless you’re interrogating someone, they’re happy to answer your questions about 95% of the time. Think about it – does it bother you when people ask you a question? (Yes, after you’ve had coffee.) It probably doesn’t! So why would it bother them? Are you especially annoying so that other people don’t want to even talk to you? I can practically guarantee you aren’t. In fact, you’re probably a really nice person who just has a quick question about something that you’re slightly nervous to ask. So ask the question! 

Quick examples:

  • “May I move into my coworker’s old office?” – about moving into a slightly bigger office with a window and the coworker moved into a bigger office
  • “Can we keep him?” – about keeping Way Pup
  • “What’s your phone number?” – about getting that first date with my husband
  • “Are you going to eat that?” – about some dessert (pre-sugar free life) or fruit (post sugar free life) on a friend’s plate
  • “Are you going eat that?” – about collecting leftover food for my chickens at work lunches
  • “Is that table empty over there?” – about moving to a better table at a restaurant
  • “Do you mind sharing my blog?” – about increasing my audience
  • “Do you have any extras in the back?” – about getting a skirt or shirt in the right size at a store
  • “No, I don’t know what that is. Would you explain it to me?” – about almost everything
  • “That’s the best offer you can give me?” – about the starting offer at my job and getting a little more

Sometimes it can be intimidating to ask and there are plenty of times when I still don’t ask a question that I wish I could ask. However, more times than not, I remind myself that “it’s always worth an ask” and ask. And, more times than not, the other person gives the answer I wanted.

Way Pup Asking for an Apple

Way Pup asking for for my apple

Give it a try! What’s something you’ve been wanting but are nervous to ask for? Go ask the question and then come back to tell us how it went! Or, what are some questions you’ve asked and how did they turn out?

2 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things…It’s Always Worth An Ask

  1. my self motivational effort at the gym when I was feeling blase was, rather than committing myself to running a certain distance or time, to employ the mantra “just ask” (of myself) and I would try running. It was easier to slide into it than to commit to a forced march, so to speak. Invariably, starting was the hardest part and I could keep on going once I started.
    Thanks for this blog.

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